Mutual Fund Rules

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Categories: Personal Finance/Business
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Companies | Date published: 03/01/2002


In just one generation's time, mutual funds have become an inescapable factor in America's financial picture. From fewer than 10 million mutual fund accounts in 1977, fund companies now report more than 135 million accounts--with more than 75 times the net assets! In that same time, the number of available funds has also skyrocketed, from just over 425 mutual fund companies to nearly 6,000, with risk/reward possibilities that are as widespread and perplexing as the market itself. So while mutual funds have proven to be a low-maintenance, effective way for Americans to build wealth over the long term, the majority of investors still wonder: Where can I get the most bang for my buck? Mutual Fund Rules examines 50 of today's most common mutual fund maxims to provide answers to virtually any question you might have about mutual fund investing. From the best ways to build a college nest egg for your children to the smartest places for your retirement plan assets. This comprehensive guideBook clearly explains the entire mutual fund spectrum.