The Coming Biotech Age

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Categories: Technology/Science
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Companies | Date published: 09/01/2001


The age of Biotech is dawning, says BusinessWeek. Here's how companies will benefit from the coming revolution in biotechnology. Biotech companies are quickly becoming the new economic engines of growth and innovation--and when they explode, the Internet revolution will look like small potatoes. Businesses must prepare now for the post-information Biotech Age, and this is the book that will get them ready. Richard Oliver, author of the acclaimed The Shape of Things to Come, has created the first practical guide to the Biotech Age. Rather than focusing on science or social issues, he presents an accessible overview of the business of biotechnology and its vast implications and opportunities for all types of industries. Like the Internet, this is a topic few can afford to miss out on--especially future-minded executives and investors in cutting-edge technologies.