Conspiracy Theories

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Categories: Politics/Government/Reference
Publisher: Summersdale Publishers Ltd/Summersdale non fiction | Date published: 06/10/2004


Worried that the world is run by a sinister cabal operating at the very highest level of government? You could be right. Bringing together evidence on topics ranging from the Sphinx to JFK, Chernobyl to men in black and life on Mars to Roswell, this book has a cover-up for every occasion. Laid out in a handy A-Z format, Conspiracy Theories makes it easy to find out about all the major conspiracy theories in the world today. The archetypal conspiracy theory might go something like this: there is a clandestine secret society in our midst--they are alien to all we believe in and are about to seize control of the world--they are everywhere--they are ruthless and powerful--they are sexually corrupt--they perform the most heinous crimes known to mankind. Belief in conspiracy theories is more than just the belief in an occasional underhand plot. It is a belief system that asserts that world events are being governed in secret by a group of ultra-powerful puppeteers behind the scenes. While little may be done about this sorry state of affairs, at least we can have the satisfaction of having worked out what is going on. Of course, one can argue that obsession with conspiracy theories serves only to demonstrate the lunatic paranoia running rife in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. Much talk about conspiracies is dismissed as paranoia and much of it is paranoia. But in reality, history has proved all too well that politicians lie, presidents lie and bureaucrats lie. If we continue to be gullible and believe everything that is presented to us, the truth will never come out. It becomes not only interesting and revealing but an absolute priority to question authority and, more specifically, the authoritarians. Why is it that we can accept that Tony Blair's smile is as broad as it appears? Or that the American CIA assassinated the president of Chile, but we cannot believe that they would assassinate their own? Why is that we can accept that governments would experiment on their citizens with plutonium, syphilis and nerve gas, but don't consider that they would use the AIDS virus? Why did the German populace accept in the first place that Hitler was trustworthy? Conspiracy theories are not new. It is believed that Nero concocted an elaborate tale to shift the blame to the Christians for the burning of Rome. Hitler was a master of such deceipt. And, undoubtedly, when conspiracies fail to accurately predict world events, this only serves to prove their credibility. Double bluff is refined to an art form. It cannot be denied that controversy has often accompanied many of the pivotal turning points of Western civilization. Many major events, for better or for worse, have occurred as the result of people behind the scenes who have held the keys to the actions of the world. Startling discoveries, often stretching far back into history, can affect the very way our Western thought processes and behaviour patterns are conducted. And that is not to mention such terrifying revelations as the Elvis Killed Kennedy conspiracy or the real reason for Santa's oversized hat.

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