Writing Nonfiction: Turning Thoughts Into Books

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Categories: Self Improvement
Publisher: Para Publishing/Para Publishing | Date published: 06/21/2004


Forget what you know about book writing, publishing and promoting; the model just changed--for the better! Now you may print shorter runs at prices that make sense, publish your "books" in other (electronic) ways, sell them automatically and promote them for practically nothing. You will discover how to wring maximum value out of your work. This is an exciting time to be a writer. To be successful, a book needs writing, design, production and promotion. I organized and automated some of these functions years ago. The last elements just recently fell into place to establish the New Book Model. You will love it! There is not enough room in one manual to include everything that you should know about writing nonfiction. Consequently, Para Publishing has prepared many supplemental reports (called documents, special reports or instant reports) that are referenced in relevant places throughout this book.