The Pellucidar Omnibus: At the Earth's Core and Pellucidar

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Categories: Science Fiction
Publisher: Renaissance E Books/PageTurner | Date published: 11/01/2003


"At The Earth's Core" and "Pellucidar" in one eBook! Both books complete and unabridged. In the first book, when David Innes accompanies his friend, the eccentric scientist Abner Perry in his newest invention, a rocketship shaped "mole" designed to penetrate the Earth's crust, he never dreams broken controls will send the two of them all the way to a strange word at the Earth's core. There human beings are still at a primitive state of development, and are enslaved by, and used for food by the Mahars, a race of near-immortal, telepathic pterodactyls. Taken prisoner David and Perry make friends and enemies. Then David falls in love with the primitive, beautiful cave woman, Dian, and finds a reason to lead his fellow prisoners in a hopeless revolt against the Mahars of Pellucidar. But when he attempts to return to the outer world, Dian is kidnapped and he ends up alone on the Earth's surface. In Pellucidar, David and Perry return to the inner world to find Dian, but emerge thousands of miles from their destination. With their "mole" wrecked, they must battle their way across savage Pellucidar--and only then will they be beginning their long search! Both books complete and unabridged--over 900 pages in hardcover.