Making Love

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Categories: Mainstream
Publisher: E-Reads | Date published: 01/01/1971


It was the 70's and for Jane Teller Sidley, making love was both an escape and a journey. Tender twenty-year-old Jane is wise beyond her years because in that short span of time she has picked up one important trait: she is absolutely shameless. But she has everything else--money, breeding, a tight young body, brains, and, well, experience. She has lots of experience. She's the type of girl out to try on the world just to see how it fits. And she's willing to let almost anyone try her on for size, too. For instance, there's her college professor who expands her mind and her body, the football player who enjoys letting her score and the hot-to-trot stud who coincidentally used to be the ex-lover of her nymphomaniac mother. Will Jane ever discover the difference between making love and finding love? Find out in this searching novel by the author of Seventh Ave. and The Madonna Complex.