Tempering [A Jarheads Novel]

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Categories: Erotica/Gay-Lesbian Erotica
Publisher: Torquere Press | Date published: 12/15/2003


Life should be nothing more than lazy Sunday afternoons and lots of hot sex for these two Marines and their favorite Redneck, but life never goes the way it should. Tempering explores what happens when life takes a hard left turn for Alex "Rigger" Roberts, Jim "Rock" South, and Dick Main, characters who appeared in the previous Sean Michael novel, Three Day Passes. This story stands on its own, testing the strength of the relationships between these extraordinary men as a single event shatters their world and makes them build it over again, stronger than before. All of the wonderful heat and humor expected from these characters is in Tempering, but so is a core of pure steel that makes them not only likeable, but admirable. Graphic homoerotic sex.

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