The Ghost of Gruesome High

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Categories: Young Adult
Publisher: The Fiction Works | Date published: 03/04/2004


Ever since Gus Grissom High was built on top of an ancient cemetery, more than ten years ago, people have said the school was haunted. All the kids refer to the school as Gruesome High. On a lark, Patsy, Jennifer, Jason, Alan, and Wesley climb to the school at midnight, not really knowing if there's a ghost or not. They see a dark shape with two glowing red eyes and hear a strange scraping sound! The next day, when one of Patsy's teachers makes fun of her and the whole idea of a ghost, Patsy becomes determined to find out who or what the Ghost of Gruesome high really is! Her investigation takes a sinister turn when threats are made and Jason is hit by a speeding car. The more someone tries to stop Patsy from learning the truth about the Gruesome High Ghost, the more determined she is to find the answer.

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