A Time of Destinies [Elgard Book 1]

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Categories: Fantasy/Romance
Publisher: Double Dragon Publishing | Date published: 03/24/2004


It is a time of destiny in the lands around the Vall'nar Sea. The old gods, long abandoned and forgotten, are awakened, and seek to settle old scores and draw the tribes of mankind into a bloody death struggle. The T'sorri people must put aside ancient feuds to deal with a more ancient, and very deadly enemy who has found them after a search that lasted a thousand year, seeking vengeance for an ancient wrong. The loyalty of the Taristians is in question, and the machinations of the Amurians are unfathomable. Caught up in these great events are Romme, Prince of Tarista, Immrel, heir to the High Kingdom of the T'sorri and their companions as they lead the high king's armies against his foes. And the enigmatic, privileged and beautiful Auldorun slave girl Shunteil who simply wants to be returned to her master, until she is forced to come face to face with the reality of slavery and the oppression of her people. This realisation starts her on a journey of discovery and maturity that would seal the destiny of her people.

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