Missouri Son

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Categories: Historical Fiction
Publisher: E-Reads | Date published: 11/03/2004


In 1869, Missouri was overrun with Federal troops and hard-bitten, defeated rebel soldiers. Out of this volatile mix of victory and defeat, young Abe Mimms saw his older brother ride off to war and never come back. Then he watched his father die of grief. But when his brutal stepfather's violent blows left Abe's mother dying, the boy raised on bitter loss could take no more. Who Found His Survival With Hard-Riding Outlaws Now a murderer running from the law, Abe joins his cousins Frank and Jesse James and begins a long, wild ride that will introduce him to the likes of Wild Bill Hickok and pit him against one of the most vicious killers on the frontier. But a final showdown will prove what people across the prairie already know?that Abe Mimms is a man to be reckoned with?and a gunfighter who never leaves his enemy standing.

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