Indigo Sea

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Categories: Romance
Publisher: E-Reads | Date published: 03/11/2004


A practical woman who stopped waiting for love, English beauty Anne Morgan wed a Spanish diplomat to forge an alliance between their two warring countries. But when her husband disappears overboard after their ship is attacked by a privateer, Anne suddenly finds herself forced into a fierce duel of wits, will power, and dangerous passion with its rugged captain. Jonathan Leighton boldly made Anne his prisoner, but it is he who is held hostage by her glorious beauty and defiant courage. Yet fearing that her loveliness masks a traitorous soul, he has no choice but to condemn her to the Queen. Still, he cannot deny his need to possess the bewitching Anne, and when they are reunited on a mission that tests their loyalty to their country and their love for each other, he vows that nothing can stop him from making her his own forever.

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