Silver Wind

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Categories: Romance
Publisher: E-Reads | Date published: 03/11/2004


A hostage in Normandy for five long years, Adeline of Caerdoc, the daughter of a rebellious Welsh Chieftain, has been granted her freedom?at a terrible price. She is condemned to spy on Simon of Taillebroc, a traitorous Norman knight. But in her dangerous attempt to learn his plans, Adeline finds herself faced with a new sort of peril, as the darkly handsome warrior kindles a longing that threatens her very soul. Simon has lost everything-his honor, his land, his freedom-while earning the undying enmity of the Crown. He knows that the enticing green-eyed lass has been sent to spy on him, and yet, he cannot stay away. When she contrives to see them wed to further her schemes, Simon takes her as his bride, knowing that he may be condemning himself. For there is nothing he won't do to possess the daring beauty who holds his fate-and heart-in her hands.

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