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Categories: Romance
Publisher: E-Reads | Date published: 03/11/2004


Blissful, Texas, was on its way to becoming a ghost town when Kathleen O'Day created an ingenious scheme: stage enough mock shoot-outs to make people believe that Blissful had become a haven for gunmen, and visitors would flock to see it. But the daring beauty never dreamed that the town's false reputation would attract a true outlaw-until she found herself cornered by a darkly handsome bounty hunter.Charlie Macon was hellbent on bringing his best friend's killer to justice, but he never thought that would include taking a beautiful woman hostage. He wanted to believe that Kathleen had never heard of Vic Mathers, but he couldn't shake the feeling that she had something to hide. Now, with each passing day, Charlie finds his suspicions giving way to a sensual surrender that was slowly leading to the most heavenly love...