Wireless Crash Course

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Categories: Technology/Science/Education
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Companies | Date published: 03/13/2001


Need a jargon-free explanation of how wireless telecommunications work, with an emphasis on the design and management of systems? You'll find it in Paul Bedell's Wireless Crash Course. This guide provides everything you need to understand the basic working of wireless, its technology and markets. You get a crystal-clear introduction to basic concepts like radio frequency (RF), cell sites, and switching, and insight into issues such as site acquisition, tower selection and construction, design of the fixed network (a.k.a the "backhaul"), and interconnection to the Public Switched Telephone Network. The expert author carefully delineates the complex regulatory processes that affect all wireless service providers. This A to Z treatment of every major feature of wireless explains both coming wireless internet access (WAP, Bluetooth, wireless data, etc.) and wireless broadband access (LMDS, MMDS) and their prospects in the marketplace.