The L'Arobi Frame

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Categories: Science Fiction/Fantasy
Publisher: Double Dragon Publishing | Date published: 01/01/2004


For thousands of years man has traveled the galaxy using the corridors generated by the L'arobi Frame. Now, the Ami-Den Alliance seeks to gain control of the mechanism to satisfy their lust for conquest. There's only one problem... no one knows where it is. Two thousand years in the future, the Lord Mallick, leader of the Ami-Den Alliance, devises a brutal and brilliant plan to conquer the galaxy. Using corridors that tie one planet to another, Mallick's magnificent gunships have arrived at Cembel, home world of Wallace, the Cembelese Regent, and a man bitterly opposed to Mallick's triumphant advance. Faced with the certain destruction of his world and the worlds of his Alliance, Wallace is captured, held prisoner and compelled to bend to Mallick's will. Wallace attempts to comply with the Ami-Den warlord, while clandestinely forming a partnership with rebels who fight against Mallick and the usurper king he has placed in power on Cembel. Receiving veiled instructions, Wallace follows the vague plans laid out by his predecessor and sets upon a dangerous course to free his world, and, perhaps, protect the gem of the galaxy, the key to the Alliances, the jewel prized above all others... the L'arobi Frame.