Whispers in the Night

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Categories: Mystery/Crime
Publisher: Double Dragon Publishing | Date published: 02/01/2002


At night Sandi's perfect life seems less than perfect. The only child of a well-to-do family that runs an art gallery, in the light of day she's beautiful (although she doesn't think so), and engaged to a successful stockbroker. But at night, there are the whispers… Are the whispers trying to say something, or is she simply insane? Sandi doesn't understand, and is sure her family and fiancé won't either. She changes her major from art history to psychology to look for answers. Then, one evening in class, the professor tries an experiment in self-hypnosis and, the whispers get a voice, her voice. She "remembers" a life as a psychic in Hitler's Germany. But whose life was it? Hers? Did it happen at all or have the whispers become a waking madness? Daniel Bradon is the professor who brought the voices into the day. He's young and looks more like a surfer than a doctor of psychology. Before, Sandi sat at the back of the class and, in company with every woman present, dreamed about Dr. Bradon. Now she can have as much of his attention as she wants, maybe more. Does he care about her as a person, or as a subject for a potential best-selling book? Even he's not sure. Together Sandi and Daniel delve into the past, and the present. They face death, themselves and each other. Will they discover what the whispers are trying to tell Sandi? Will they believe it if they do?