Unfriendly Persuasion [Wild Wyoming Series Book 1]

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Categories: Mystery/Crime/Romance
Publisher: Hard Shell Word Factory | Date published: 03/01/1999


From her aunt's cryptic phone message, "Don't worry, dear, we have not been kidnapped by terrorists...", to the tall, dark "suit" waiting at the Yellowstone Park entrance, cop-loathing Megan Davis smells a rat and all her instincts go on red alert. After a run-in with the press nearly kills his career, F.B.I. Special Agent Ryder McCall is banished to the wild west of Wyoming. He resents having to prove himself by pursuing an elusive busload of Branson, Missouri's oldest citizens: the Daughters of the South, allegedly held captive by ecoterrorists calling themselves the Boychicks In The Hood. He didn't count on crossing paths and matching wits with Megan, a sexy, sassy, smart, all-around-pain-in-the-posterior reporter. To rescue the dainty, southern matrons, archenemies Megan and Ryder begin an energetic game of hide and seek in which their lives and hearts are turned upside down!