Winterhold [Winterhold Series Book 1]

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Categories: Science Fiction/Fantasy
Publisher: Hard Shell Word Factory | Date published: 09/01/1998


[Prequel to The Blood of Winterhold] "Blood, my boy. The blood of life and death." Spoken by the old Seer who watches the rise and fall of the powerful upon Winterhold, the phrase echoes throughout the book. Blood determines the place each must occupy in society and, in a very direct way, helps to provide the warmth so precious upon the winter bound planet. The story takes place in a ritual bound society, rife with court intrigues, upon a planet locked in perpetual winter. It concerns the generations-old conflict between its King and Queen, and the love between a man and a woman that threatens to shatter the patterns established by the Rituals, the complex set of rules and customs that governs every aspect of life. A follower of the King plots to overthrow both monarchs. But he is frustrated by both the attack of rebel clans, who attempt to do away with the Rituals, and the intervention of the man who loves the Queen as a woman and not as a monarch. A battle among the different factions ensues. After it is over, everything has changed and nothing has changed. Blood has been spilled, both to take life and to preserve it. [Cover art: Dirk A. Wolf]