Nick the Cat: Christian Reflections on the Stranger

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Categories: Spiritual/Religion
Publisher: United Methodist Publishing House/Abingdon Press | Date published: 01/01/2003


Combining her storytelling skills with theological insights and reflections, Bondi here tells the story of Nick, a stray cat, who weedled his way into her family's life, home, and heart. At first almost nothing but a pathetic bag of torn, matted bones, Nick arrived out of the blue, but won their hearts, and under the care of a vet and the Bondis, regained his health, a home, and much affection. His coming and going, his health and its decline, his insanity and death are gently told. Nick's presence prompts Roberta to reflect on the unexpected way grace comes into our lives, how we push away the Other, be it stranger, one who is sick, a person of different orientations and beliefs; on evil and mental illness; on suffering and the atonement; on the unexpected nature of love, on the training of the heart and mind and the discipline of the Christian life for dealing with otherness; on the pervasive and persistent nature of sin; on the nature of embodiment, mortality, and loss.