David's Promise

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Categories: Romance
Publisher: Awe-Struck E-Books | Date published: 01/01/2001


After a brief, but highly successful law career, David Stone is struggling to discard his privileged lifestyle and answer an undeniable call to the ministry. He arrives in Gulfpass, a small town on Florida's West Coast, fervently intent to become everything he believes a minister should be--perfectly devout and morally perfect. Repentant of his history of womanizing, he has promised God that he will not become romantically involved with a woman for one year. However, he is totally unprepared for the likes of boat captain Rebecca Higgins. Her motto is to do one outrageous thing each day. And each day that David spends with Rebecca, she puts his dignity as an aspiring minister to the test. After deciding that perhaps the ministry is not for him, David leaves Gulfpass, but realizes suddenly that Rebecca is not the obstacle to his ministry that he has thought, but rather a well-planned gift from God.