Love Thy Enemy

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Categories: Romance/Historical Fiction
Publisher: Hard Shell Word Factory | Date published: 07/01/2001


He holds her father captive and threatens his life. She must lie with him until she bears him a son. She hates him; he scorns her. She will do what she must. He will make her do more--much more. Inextricably joined with her father's enemy, Tora Oddvarsdatter feels like a traitor when pulsing desire and sensual pleasure rock her each time Jarl Magnus takes her into his masculine embrace. Magnus won't allow Tora to lie stiffly beneath him as if she were a suffering martyr. In the blanketing darkness, he skillfully arouses her until she begs for his touch, and he forgets who he holds in his arms. War erupts, sweeping Magnus and Tora far away from the tragedy that brought them together, oddly presenting the two with time to heal and make peace. But courtly intrigue and treachery threaten to shatter their tenuous truce and rip them from each other's arms. Only deep true love can see them through the calamity that strikes them. Will they triumph?

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