Bad Girls

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Categories: Mystery/Crime
Publisher: Wildside Press | Date published: 01/01/2000


When a French secret service operative is murdered on a lonely Alpine highway, a womanizing CIA agent must find the killer and terminate ... with Extreme Prejudice. Back in the states, the same agent discovers ... The Only Good Red. Three years after a bank robbery goes bad, a convict on the verge of parole learns that his partner's wife really knows how to set up a ... Con Job. When an attractive young woman borrows money for a new car, it's the loan manager who learns never to trust the ... First Blonde on the Left. After an account executive visits a fortune teller, he discovers there's ... A Price to Pay. A dead man dressed like a woman and the cop leading the investigation aren't what they seem until you peel away the ... Husks. When two ex-cons try to return an unwanted engagement ring, they find themselves stuck between the ... Rock and a Hard Place. A husband, a wife, and a hired killer soon learn that ... Three's a Shroud. A disgraced jockey and his girlfriend take matters into their own hands and there's ... Vengeance to Show in the Third. An ex-con can't believe his luck when a naked socialite seduces him. He soon learns not to throw his stones at ... Glass Houses. They do bad things. For Love. For Money. For Fun. They're ... Bad Girls.