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Categories: Erotica/Paranormal Erotica/Gay Fiction
Publisher: Excessica Publishing/Excessica Publishing | Date published: 10/26/2012


Azure and Sage, two male dragonfly-like sprites−Epiproctans, are enjoying each other's body in the dappled forest sunlight when they are snared by a troll and taken to his secret cave. In the cave the troll and his wife force the sprites to perform sex acts. The dazzling color spectacle that transpires as Azure and Sage reach orgasm stun the troll couple. To the disgust of the sprites, the trolls are turned on and copulate enthusiastically on the cave's floor. Because of the sexual fireworks, the troll decides that the sprite pair would be an excellent gift to Queen Lamia--the beautiful but evil ruler of the local countryside−in celebration of her birthday. He constructs an elaborate cage, keeping the Epiproctans separate until Lamia wants them to engage in sex. Lamia is enthralled by the pair and rewards the troll generously. In the castle a pair of ebony Halflings, Ubu and Soti, guard Azure and Sage and inform them of the queen's brutal behavior and true nature. Both couples are fodder for Lamia's depravities and despair of ever being free of her clutches until the timid Azure secures the assistance of an enslaved female servant.