Liv, in the Moment

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Categories: Young Adult/Romance
Publisher: Uncial Press | Date published: 10/12/2012


It's tough out there for a girl with body issues. Especially when the guy who's always ranked on the Hot-List likes to make jokes about your physique. Liv is pretty sure she hates him, but when she sees him endure something no person ever should, their relationship is changed forever. She has known Connor for years, but it in one heart-stopping moment, she realizes she never really knew him at all. Suddenly, he's in her life, every day, in ways she'd never imagined, and all the complicated feelings she felt with him, become something she is forced to deal with. From junior to senior year, Liv grows in both body and mind as she faces the harsher realities of life. From changing friendships to burgeoning relationships, one thing stays the same: trying to understand the confusing behavior of a guy who is so much more than just a casual friend.

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