Sea Games [Game Play Book 1]

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Categories: Romance
Publisher: Atlantic Bridge/Liquid Silver Books | Date published: 10/08/2012


Revenge, punishment, and a world of indulgence converge as two former lovers battle memories of the past. Walk on the edge between love and hate and find out if vengeance or passion will prevail! Brian Bowers is a man on a mission. Revenge weighs heavy on his mind. The need to punish the woman he once loved above all others falls into tatters the moment he sets eyes on her again. Fifteen years of walking on the fine edge between love and hate ends in an explosion of lust. Patrice, sophisticated and wealthy, has her own agenda. She knows how to use her body to get what she wants. But Bowers knows how to play the game. Set in a world of indulgence, Sea Games follows two hearts as they battle memories of the past. Will they win or lose a future together?

Also Available from H.C. Brown, KevaD