Crossfire Diamonds

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Categories: Mystery/Crime/Suspense/Thriller
Publisher: BooksForABuck/ | Date published: 09/07/2012


Millions of diamonds are enough to tempt even the virtuous into crime and Colt Fallon has never been especially virtuous. While cleaning up a botched kidnapping, Fallon learns of the diamonds and the bank where they're being held. He won't be able to get them on his own, but Fallon has a way of attracting the right wrong people--starting with the woman who once betrayed him and who, Fallon is sure, will betray him again. Unfortunately, Fallon isn't the only person after the diamonds. A Chinese syndicate known as "The Principles" has targeted the jewels and Fallon, putting their top assassin on the job. Yolanda Smart does her killing from a distance. Careful preparation, learning the target's patterns, and a cool hand have made her a top killer. With only a few more jobs, she'll be able to give up this life and head for the islands. A huge diamond stash could provide a shortcut to her retirement. To get them, she'll have to deal both with Fallon and with her criminal bosses who want the diamonds for themselves. Still, Smart feels up to the job. Author George Snyder keeps the action moving as Fallon, Yolanda, the brother of a man Fallon killed while cleaning up the kidnapping and the Principles syndicate all scheme and kill to get their hands on a treasure. It starts out as professional but as the killings escalate, things get very personal. Snyder writes convincingly of a hardened criminals--and the justifications they fabricate to condone their actions. Fallon and Smart, in particular, are engaging and sympathetic at the same time as they're brutal cold-blooded killers. When the two clash, it was hard for me, at least, to decide which I wanted to win.