Heroes Lost and Found [Blaze of Glory, Book 3]

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Categories: Romance/Fantasy
Publisher: Samhain Publishing, Ltd. | Date published: 10/02/2012


Some will rise, others will fall? Blaze of Glory, Book 3 Jo Tanis is still recovering from her near-death experience in Las Vegas when she receives a mysterious postcard from Harris Limox, who claims to have a promising lead on the whereabouts of the Controller. Over her boyfriend/guardian Hunter's objections, she sets off to a sleepy Oregon town to ferret out the truth. The Controller is more than just a disgruntled super. He's a rogue Guardian who was presumed dead and is now armed with a slew of high-tech hardware that not only makes him physically superior to the supers--and therefore almost impossible to destroy--he's got the ability to detonate the implants in the back of all supers' necks. In Oregon, Jo meets a surviving Alpha super, Kit Masters, whose wild plan to capture the Controller could put an entire town of innocents at risk. But instead of successfully talking her former idol out of his disastrous bid to regain former glory, Jo finds herself betrayed and trapped in her worst nightmare. Fight her former teammates, or die. Warning: Super brawling, super loving and a super-hot ending!