Like a Lover

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Categories: Romance
Publisher: Samhain Publishing, Ltd. | Date published: 09/18/2012


Love and money. The perfect design for murder? Within two weeks of inheriting twenty-five percent of Lightbody Inc. from her father, fashion designer Jay-Jay Lightbody has two close calls: a suspicious house fire and a near-miss from a hit-and-run driver. Now there's a man, wearing the most god-awful clothes she's ever seen, shadowing her every move. Turns out he's Gerald Kilroy, a private detective hired by her overly alarmed grandmother to find out why someone is trying to kill her. Kill her? Gerald's crazy handsome, but the idea that someone would want her dead is just nuts. But after receiving a threatening letter at work, she can't ignore the obvious. But who wants her dead? The ex-suitor who still sends her roses? The jealous half-sister who didn't inherit? Or--most frightening of all--someone she trusts? As the attempts on Jay-Jay's life escalate, and Kilroy races to solve the mystery, their attraction explodes in a cataclysm hot enough to melt a lake full of winter ice. The only question is, will they find the culprit before death closes in over their heads. This book has been previously published.

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