Under The Forgotten Oak - The Journey Out And In

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Categories: Fantasy
Publisher: Double Dragon Publishing/Double Dragon eBooks | Date published: 09/20/2012


What if God is not at all what people envision? Imagine a powerful energy portal that stretches from one end of the galaxy to another--created by, and with, the universe as the sustaining reservoir of life for Earth as well as a connected sister world where the ancient deities actually live and breath. What if Satan is actually a renegade thread of this interplanetary gateway; and the future of two worlds, and three dimensions, rests entirely on one single human being's actions?

Under the Forgotten Oak, a romantic fantasy adventure loosely based on the ancient Celtic legend of Oisin and Niamh, is a creative piece of literary fiction that paints a unique picture of good and evil that the reader will never forget. When Lan MacCamhail unexpectedly inherits an estate and a multi-million dollar legacy overseas, he hopes this stroke of good fortune will give him the much needed opportunity to leave behind his unsatisfying and disappointing life in the States, and make a fresh start in Ireland. Instead, the execution of his estranged father's Last Will and Testament sets in motion a journey of dangerous yet romantic self realization that will change his life--as well as the future and destiny of two intertwined planets--forever.

Abandoned as an infant and raised as an orphan, Lan learns, on the eve of his thirtieth birthday, that the terms of the mysterious bequeathal require that he must find his father's hidden, enigmatic and symbolic amulet in order to secure his rightful inheritance. His saga, mirrored by his father's strangely similar story from three decades earlier, takes a sinister turn when dark forces intervene. He is guided in his quest by the memories of his father; his newfound love, the beautiful Larne attorney Sidney McVie; an ancient shape-shifter, known as Bran, the Raven; and the spiritual guardians of another world. He is faced with the life-and-death struggle to define himself; rescue the love of his life; and preserve the balance between three discordant dimensions.

Conceived as a genre spanning mythological fantasy, moving multilayered romance, thought-provoking philosophical allegory, and exciting paranormal fairy tale, Under the Forgotten Oak is a carefully crafted literary adventure where the reader will learn to expect the unexpected. Set in the past as well as the present--and on our own earthly Terra as well as on a distant but eternally connected sister-world known as Sol--this unforgettable epic takes place in the realm of concrete reality as well as the magical dimension of the mystical and the supernatural. In a world where immortal visitors take the form of animals, humans live in oblivious harmony with the mysterious Sidhe, and good as well as evil exist as energy portals connecting the Otherworld and the Underworld with Earth, Under the Forgotten Oak will stretch the boundaries of the imagination in a creative lettered journey exploring the concepts of love, honor, and selfless sacrifice.