Claiming Clara [Shifters of Hillside Book 2]

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Categories: Romance
Publisher: Atlantic Bridge/Liquid Silver Books | Date published: 08/13/2012


Harvey "Wall" Wallbanger--yes his mother actually named him that on purpose--likes to act the simple jock, but he isn't. He is a man who knows what he wants, and right now, he wants one Miss Clara Marsterson. When she refuses his mark to make her his mate, Wall stands unmovable in her path, demanding an explanation. Before he lets her go, she's going to have to explain to him why she is throwing everything they have away. Wall knows she is hiding something from him and sets his mind and his body to getting the truth. After all, he is a man of many talents? Clara is a woman who has supported her brother's rise to Alpha, stood by him through everything, and will now do what she can to protect him from those who want to cause him harm. She turns away from the only man who understands her in an attempt to save both the men she loves. To protect them no cost is too high ? not even if the price is her own life.