Tomorrow [South Tiana Road]

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Categories: Romance
Publisher: Resplendence Publishing, LLC | Date published: 05/16/2012


On a modeling shoot, Diana Lancaster meets a gorgeous man who she mistakes as the fellow model she's been expecting. But Reid Lawless has come to deliver a message: The model isn't coming. Finding himself faced with a gorgeous woman in an eye-popping, low-cut dress, he doesn't correct her assumptions. Surprised but hardly unhappy that a shoot can grow so sexual, they withstand five hours of gut-wrenching foreplay as they pose. All too soon, Diana comes to know the real Reid Lawless. And he's hardly the man she'd first imagined. In fact, he's everything she despises. But Reid is haunted by the scent of a woman, the memory of her silky skin, her soft, pliant body and the heat of her delicious kisses. He wants her back. Unfortunately, she's wise to his ways, and there's no way he can trick her again. She doesn't want him. She doesn't even like him. Why then can't she resist his touch?