Better Man

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Categories: Erotica/Paranormal Erotica/Romance
Publisher: Renaissance E Books/Sizzler | Date published: 09/11/2012


Instead of a better mousetrap, she decided to build - a better man! Romance, steampunk, and a carnal encounters spice up this story of a woman who dared tread in the path of Victor Frankenstein. Amelia, an industrious Victorian era woman scientist, tired of failed, stiffled relationships, gives up on men and sets out to construct a man of her own creation, who possesses none of the bad qualities of the men she knows - and will have every quality she belives it would take to be a better man. Along the way Amelia finds the monster within herself, and discovers the true problem with her relationships lies hidden deep in her own psyche. But too late, she realizes that she has passed that part of herself unwittingly on to her creation. Meanwhile, Gabriel, the one person in her life has always loved her for who she was, discovers the nature of her secret project project. Frightened and repulsed. he disappears, breaking Amelia's heart. Will she be able let go of the past and realize that Gabriel, and not her sexy new creation, is the better man? An enthralling erotic romance!

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