Second Chance: King of Zorran

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Categories: Science Fiction/Mainstream
Publisher: Club Lighthouse Publishing USA LLC/Club Lighthouse Publishing | Date published: 06/25/2012


Justin led a team into a world controlled by paranormal talents, called Priceps. The mission was necessary to shut down a portal that would have allowed an invasion of Corin by an advanced civilization. Some of Justin's team didn't return because they were killed by the Priceps. As a result all of the Priceps must die at some point in time. While he waits for a solution to the Priceps problem, Justin continues to prepare for what seems inevitable confrontations with Kleckor, demi-god of fire or Paraun, demi-god of the sea. The preparations involve modifications to a type of force field that he used when he fought Gaiton, demi-god of the earth. Justin attempts to buy some agricultural seed. As a result, he gets into a confrontation with a representative from Zorran. A bit of investigation reveals that there's a being in Zorran who calls himself, 'The Selected One'. Justin then fights a mind battle with The Selected One. Then finding the situation in Zorran on the verge of revolt, Justin fights a bull in the plaza de toros. Justin wins the fight and then uses his fame to propose trade agreements with other countries. As a result, Justin becomes the King of Zorran.

There are smugglers importing drugs or cigarettes into Zorran. Justin begins to intercept the smugglers boats, seize the drugs and have them converted into legal products for sale. Justin and his Commandos also raid the estates of the drug dealers and seize drugs and money. The country of Zorran has two exclaves in Ifrequeh. The exclaves are menaced by an army from Ifrequeh and Justin must protect his subjects. Not only does he protect his subjects, he also obtains diamonds from the President for Life who financed the army attack. Justin must then fight Kleckor, the demi-god of fire in the burning heat of the desert.