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Categories: Romance
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press, Inc./Black Rose | Date published: 07/27/2012


Kachina Raven is a Reconnaissance Agent for the Vampire Eradication Network. One night while escaping a murderous cult of vampire wannabes, she meets Kael. There is an immediate attraction but she knows there is something odd about him. He has some very unusual skills and abilities. She's sure he isn't a vampire but knows he's no ordinary human either. She knows she'll always be stalked by vampires and doesn't want to put anyone else at risk by having a relationship with them. Her life is further complicated by the relentless pursuit of a homeland security agent. Kael is an alpha male used to being the protector but Raven makes it clear she can fight her own battles. He's frustrated by her refusal to acknowledge the strength of the attraction between them and is determined to have her as his mate.

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