The Laurel Canyon Ghost

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Categories: Fantasy
Publisher: Solstice Publishing/Solstice Publishing | Date published: 08/13/2012


Among the extravagant homes of the early Hollywood elite and the impossibly rich of Laurel Canyon rests a mansion with a sordid history: murder, fraud, mafia, ghosts, and sťances. What once stood as the pinnacle of decadence in Los Angeles during the Roaring Twenties is abandoned when the mansion's owners mysteriously disappear soon after the death of their son in a fiery plane crash, leaving the house empty and falling into a greater state of disrepair as each year passes. More than a decade later, Ted Nelson goes with his father to view the mansion, which could make them a quick fortune with its sale. From the moment Ted enters the grand structure, he senses something strange about the house. That feeling only intensifies after a swami is murdered there following a midnight sťance. An eccentric Texas millionaire ends up buying the mansion for his teenage bride. They restore the house to its former glory before a tragic accident is followed by a death. Once again in possession of the mansion, Ted's father moves his family there as he searches for a new buyer. After years of odd sensations and stolen glimpses of something in the mansion, a ghostly figure wearing aviator's garb finally appears. In that moment, Ted's life is propelled on a new course--one that involves a lifelong friendship with the unlikeliest of people.

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