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Categories: Dark Fantasy/Romance
Publisher: Resplendence Publishing, LLC | Date published: 04/11/2012


Chiana McFain is a tough as nails, no-holds-barred senior agent with Guardian Security, assigned to trace and dispose of hell rats, rogue vampires and other paranormal creatures. But she goes from hunter to hunted in a matter of seconds after a ghostly apparition touches her and brands her arm. Forced to face the reality that she's only half-human, she reaches out to the only other person who knows she's the daughter of a Valkyrie, the doctor who has developed a unique serum to hide her heritage from Odin himself. Creed Davies cares about only one thing in life: Work. A free agent taking covert assignments from Guardian, he's committed to protecting Chiana from the spirit warrior stalking her -- or killing her himself to keep Odin from this world. Desperation leads him to use a Sumarian binding spell to keep her near and keep himself safe from the mood swings of a new, untested serum. A fierce dedication to duty drives him to take any means necessary to save Chiana and his own soul.