Consortium:Patriot Acts, Vol. 3

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Categories: Suspense/Thriller/Mainstream
Publisher: | Date published: 07/01/2012


The Consortium Patriot Acts Part III reaches deeply into the hidden and sinister world of the international banking system and the global power brokers who profit from it. In September, 2008, the Federal Reserve Chairman and the Secretary of the Treasury came to President George W. Bush and issued him a suicide threat. Then Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson walked into the Oval Office and put a political gun to his own head and told the president to give them $800 billion dollars or in twenty-four hours the American economy would die and in forty-eight hours, $5 trillion dollars would disappear with the entire world economy. President Bush said yes. The Consortium considers what the repercussions for the United States and for the whole world political and economic system would have been if the president of the United States had said, "NO?" This novel will rattle your senses simply because every action taken against America and world powers are actually taking place and bringing international powers to their knees. The Consortium is an amazing journey into the unthinkable and is an amazing conclusion to the Patriot Acts Trilogy. After reading it, watching or reading the news will never be quite the same.