Smooth Traveling for Seniors

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Categories: Travel
Publisher: Solstice Publishing | Date published: 07/16/2012


Concerned over health while traveling? Interested in discounts and bargains for seniors? Want to know how to make hassle-free reservations online? How to insure personal and currency security while on the road? These, and many related subjects, are comprehensively covered in this book. It's filled with practical information and pointers on what senior travelers should know and do -- or not do -- in various situations. Among the many other subjects are how to research travel and plan itineraries, using foreign government tourist offices and state/city tourism offices in the U.S., dealing with new phone technology and applications, dining sense, traveling in groups or independently, shopping and bargaining, passports/documents, avoiding scams, etc. A vast roster of key topics comprising the overall travel world of today that pertain to seniors are covered in easy-to-use chapters that will make every travel outing, domestic or international, a more enriching and valuable experience. Many little-known but useful tips provide travel-enhancing information on every mode of travel and to every part of the world. The plethora of Internet links provided is worth the cover-price alone! Jack Adler is a veteran travel writer, with over 25 years of covering the travel field for both consumer and trade publications. His credits include several travel books published: Consumer's Guide To Travel, Exploring Historic California, Southern India, Make Steady Money As A Travel Writer -- Without Traveling, There's A Bullet Hole In Your Window (memoir), and Travel Safety (co-authored). Splendid Seniors: Great Lives, Great Deeds, while non-travel, also is about seniors.