Wedding Heat: MILF of the Groom

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Categories: Erotica/Erotic Romance/Romance
Publisher: Excessica Publishing/eXcessica | Date published: 06/22/2012


The family's been spreading vile rumours about Ellora, mother of the groom. When Ellora overhears these rumours repeated during Friday night cocktails in honour of her son's wedding, she flees the Boathouse bar in tears. Luckily, there's a young man outside with shoulders huge enough to cry on all night long. Her son's business partner Russ is more than just a hulking body--he's the strong and sensitive type. Just what Ellora needs right now. And, though her looks have earned her the title "MILF of the groom," Russ is the only man who makes her tremble. But will Ellora's fears about sharing her aging body with a younger man prevent their desires from blossoming? WARNINGS: This title contains graphic language and explicit sex between an older woman and a younger man.