Undead on Arrival

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Categories: Horror
Publisher: Solstice Publishing/Solstice Publishing | Date published: 07/02/2012


Today is the last day of Glen Novak's life. Five years after the end of the world, the few remaining humans are barricaded in a small vacation town on the California coast, beset by hordes of the undead. A single bite turns a man into a walking corpse. There's no cure and no hope. Someone made sure Novak was bitten and now he has one day to put things in order, protect his people and, most importantly, exact revenge. Reviews Joseph Conrad's character Kurtz said 'The horror! The horror!' in The Heart of Darkness. He could have been alluding to this slice of zombie fiction. The horror is unrelenting, from the doom-laden beginning to the riveting end. This book is not for the squeamish, being peppered with blood, gore, swearing and sex, but it certainly maintains an uncanny and quite clammy grip of suspense, while grimly examining the duality of human nature. - Robert Morton, author of Death is Another Life Something is rotten in the Central California town of Devon... and it's not just the smell of the zombies besieging its walls. Welcome to Undead on Arrival, a novel that ingeniously fuses the hard-boiled detective genre with the horrors of the zombie apocalypse. Get ready for a two-fisted thrill ride of murder and betrayal as Glen Novak has only a matter of hours to find out who punched his ticket and get his revenge, before he succumbs to the virus in his veins that will truly make him a dead man walking. - Clinton Wolf, Creator of Zombie Ranch

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