The Trigon Rituals

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Categories: Erotica
Publisher: New Concepts Publishing | Date published: 05/01/2012


Tren and Rjant are warriors from the CalyTron galaxy. After being called to the Trigon they have found their mate, and that woman is Alea, a female from a distant and uncharted planet. For two years they've been engaging in the Edification--the ritual of preparation of the virgin female, but she is still unaware that her nighttime dream lovers are actually alien Tertani men. That is, until they appear in the flesh and snatch her away, taking her to a distant galaxy. But what are these Trigon rituals? And what is this hunt they expect her to engage in? Alea will soon find out as she enters a world like one she has never known before--where she is forced to face her innermost fears--learn to accept who she is as a woman as she explores her erotic desires. Who better to help her do that, than two gorgeous warriors named Rjant and Tren? This title is a reissue.