The Credit Diet: How to Shed Unwanted Debt and Achieve Fiscal Fitness

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Categories: Personal Finance
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons, Inc. | Date published: 12/09/2002


Practical strategies for eliminating debt and achieving financial freedom Each year, thousands of individuals and families fall deeper into debt. Without a practical game plan, this dilemma will continue to grow. Devised alongside his current seminar series, John Fuhrman's The Credit Diet offers readers a simple and, most importantly, effective way to eliminate debt from their lives. Comprised of five informative sections, this invaluable resource guides readers through a cutting edge yet commonsense process that will put them on the road to financial recovery. Fuhrman takes the reader by the hand, using real examples and personal experience to show them how to create, manage, and maintain a debt-relief plan and get their financial future on solid ground. This book illustrates a totally different method of debt recovery by utilizing mental, as well as physical, techniques that change how one approaches money. Readers will have enough information to develop their own specific plan of attack to assure victory over the battle of bulging bills. John Fuhrman (Manchester, NH) has reached more than 1,000,000 people over the last five years. His clients include Prudential, Bank Boston, Amway, and the nearly 400,000 independent business owners who have used his materials to help their businesses grow successfully. Fuhrman has also appeared in such publications as Men's Health, Selling magazine, and Sales Mastermind.

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