Love in Disguise

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Categories: Erotica/Gay-Lesbian Erotica
Publisher: Sugar and Spice Press | Date published: 05/04/2012


Living in the harsh world of Celistia, where two groups of people fight for dominance, it is hard enough to make a living when you aren't the most wanted man in all the land. Unfortunately enough for criminal Julian Pelham, he happens to be that said person. Now fighting to flee from the verdict of death hanging over his head, he goes into hiding--but this time as a soldier. Hiding in a castle is no small feat, but things get much worse after he falls in love with the prince. After Prince Ajax discovers that the bunch of sinister monks had something to do with his beloved father's death, he is determined to find out everything about their plan. Alas, for two people in love, the track of their lives carry on together?even if it means certain death.