Daddy's Favorites: Tina

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Categories: Erotica/Taboo Erotica
Publisher: Excessica Publishing | Date published: 05/07/2012


FROM BESTSELLING & AWARD-WINNING AUTHOR SELENA KITT HALF A MILLION NAUGHTY BOOKS SOLD IN 2011 GUARANTEED QUALITY - THE CREAM-AT-THE-TOP OF EROTICA Selena Kitt's *Daddy's Favorites*--where naughty thoughts and wicked temptations bring the taboo fantasy to life! Chubby Tina thinks she couldn't hate herself any more than she already does, when she overhears her skinny mother telling a friend, "We're going to be stuck with Tina forever. No guy is ever going to want her." Even though it's her freshman year in college, she vows to quit school and run away. That is, until her stepfather catches her with going out the door in the middle of the night with a suitcase. Tina finally, tearfully, confesses, and is surprised by her stepfather's insight and perspective--and how willing he is to show her just how beautiful and loveable he thinks she really is. **Selena Kitt Single** **Short Story--Big Bang!** **(approx 7400 words)** Warning: This title contains shamelessly wicked displays of the taboo so hot--careful!--it may just melt your e-reader!

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