Through The Window

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Categories: Romance
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press, Inc./Champagne Rose | Date published: 04/13/2012


Getting caught burglarizing Jordan Stone's home wasn't the worst thing that happened to twelve-year-old Melanie Quinn. Realizing she'd been conned by her father was. Sixteen years later, Melanie's ready to face her cat-burglar past and deal with a town that doesn't want her back. But can she handle the return of her father, and his attempts to pull her back into a life of crime? Jordan Stone, the town's sexiest firefighter, came home to heal his heart. When he pulls Melanie Quinn from a burning car, his past takes a backseat to lust. He refuses to be swayed by old rumors and an overprotective brother, but all too soon, he realizes the old rumors were true. While the sparks fly, an arsonist targets Melanie. Jordan needs Melanie's help to stop him but she can't tell him what she knows without exposing her past. Will they learn to trust each other before it costs them their lives?

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