The Real Housewives of Hell

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Categories: Humor
Publisher: Eternal Press/Damnation Books LLC/Eternal Press | Date published: 10/07/2011


How to go from Millionaire's Row to Poverty Row if you don't work at Bravo! Life has been unfair to many Americans. We have suffered the pain of a severe economic disaster and no one feels that more the American housewife. How do you feed your family on less? How can we survive with style and grace? Who can you trust when so many in power have lied to you? You can only trust one of your own! Another housewife. Allow me take you on a journey where you will discover skills you never knew you possessed. Excerpt: I stopped dead in my high-heeled tracks the other day while at the grocery store when my husband quietly suggested we might want to "watch what we purchase". After all, he tried to explain, "Money is not what it used to be!" I froze with fear. I had not heard those dreaded words in ages, not since I was married to my second husband, that miserly-beer-guzzling-old-hippie. I was sailing along in life enjoying my diamonds, Gucci Bags, Italian shoes, and my over-stuffed closet as large as a bedroom when Wall Street burst my bubble! Now it seems the rich are the new poor. Is it possible to file a lawsuit against Wall Street for emotional damages? Needless to say, I had to go home, take some aspirin and lay down for a bit to calm my nerves! I had a headache from the ghosts of nightmares long past. My long past!