The Tank War Mission [The Classic 1960s Man from W.A.R. Series]

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Categories: Suspense/Thriller/Science Fiction
Publisher: Renaissance E Books/PageTurner Editions | Date published: 04/02/2012


"Carthage is a man used to wearing suits for meetings with the clients and fatigues for work in the field. Whether it is a briefcase or an automatic in his hand, he is able to handle the job."-Spy Guys and Gals. Peter Carthage battles an outlaw army and a man with more than human powers in this thriller by the two time Edgar Award and American Book Award finalist author, Michael Kurland, himself a former U.S. military intelligence officer, that accurately foresaw the future. Thirty years later the plot of this novel would be real headlines. A small, oil-rich Arab nation is about to be invaded by a superior enemy force led by unstoppable tanks. While in the shadows a fanatic religious leader waits like a spider with his own army of suicide killers. The U.S. can not intervene. So, it's up to debonair agent Peter Carthage and the men from W.A.R. (Weapons Analysis and Research, Inc.), a company with an ultra-scientific approach to warfare - if they feel the cause is just. How many men from W.A.R. does it take to stop 2000 raging desert warriors, fifty top of the line Soviet built tanks, and untold numbers of drug-crazed assassini? Six, plus one beautiful, plucky young British woman determined to rescue a kidnapped brother. All in this Never-Before-Reprinted classic by former intelligence agent and American Book Award and Nebula Award finalist, Michael Kurland. Fans of Jason Bourne, James Bond, I Spy, and The Man from U.N.C.L.E. will love Peter Carthage, the Man from W.A.R.