Hard Candy, Soft Cream

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Categories: Erotica/Gay Fiction
Publisher: Ravenous Romance | Date published: 02/09/2012


Join Mercer and Saul from the novel Hard Wood, Soft Heart in a standalone Valentine's Day novella that will bring heat, tears and laughter to your cold winter days. Mercer Braun is a former baseball player whose career was stolen from him by a chronic heart condition. Saul Tidewater is a heart surgeon who moved to Las Vegas to escape a bitter divorce and the tragedy at the break-up's core. They've only known each other for nine months, but their love pulses strong and their passion burns magnificently. But when a secret is kept on Valentine's Day not only is the strength of their relationship put to the test, but their very lives are put at risk. This is a story of how timeless love can rise up out of the ashes of tragedy. This is the story of how eternal love is born and kept.