Dante's Assassination

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Categories: Suspense/Thriller/Mainstream
Publisher: Club Lighthouse Publishing USA LLC/Club Lighthouse Publishing USA | Date published: 01/10/2012


Dante Dunham is a starving young writer barely making ends meet. His mother passed away long before he graduated from college and his father just happened to be the richest man in his hometown. Johnson Meredith did not take part in Dante's upbringing and offered no assistant to the boy's mother. Dante is shocked, however, when he is told that he is inheriting half of his estranged father's estate. Upon learning of his future wealth Dante also learns that the other half of the estate was bequeathed to a sinister man, John Butcher. Butcher is greedy and seeks to murder young Dante in order to grab the entire inheritance, and hires an assassin to take the young man out. "Dante's Assassination" takes the reader on a long chase from Lincoln's Port, Indiana to Key West, Florida. A showdown in Key West is inevitable with a surprising end?