Flying With Fairies Book III: Sleeper Cell

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Categories: Fantasy
Publisher: Club Lighthouse Publishing USA LLC/Club Lighthouse Publishing USA | Date published: 01/10/2012


A pair of young doctors with magical healing powers celebrate the birth of their daughter. The families, one magical and one not, love the tyke and are stunned when they learn of the baby's magical powers which exceed those of her parents. Once appraised of their grand daughter's abilities, both families attack the task of bringing up this difficult child for whom the "terrible two's" have special meaning. The school for teens with magical powers operated by the doctors with the assistance of magical friends, successfully rescues young people who would have been shunned and instructs them in the proper uses of their powers. The teens enter a world populated with fairies, friendly dragons, pixies, centaurs, ogres and gnomes all of whom share a common enemy in the elves. Working together, the teens, the adults and the magical creatures face their common enemy in a series of confrontations that occupy most of the book. It is only when the baby, now two years old , joins the battle that the elves are driven back. It is a story of magic and of love. It is about dealing with mistakes and healing after tragedies. Most of all it is about the promise of the future.